A Spotlight on Gold Coast Community Theatre

A Spotlight on Gold Coast Community Theatre

For decades, local and community theatre companies have been the heart of the Gold Coast community. Volunteering their time, Gold Coasters of all ages can have their own slice of Broadway. But how do you get involved? Perhaps you do musical theatre at dance, or you loved being apart of your school musical. There are many theatres around the coast that are ready to foster your creativity or maybe even light an old spark of passion. Listed below are some of the most frequently asked questions about theatre on the Gold Coast. With a little drive and passion, you may be Gold Coast’s next Elphaba or Elle Woods!


I love doing drama and Dance at school and would love to give theatre a go outside of school. Where can I go to get some extra training?

School drama and dance classes are perfect starting points for the beginning of your training. Did you know there are many theatres that do after school programs that help develop your skills? Most youth theatre companies also put on a show during the year for you to perform in front of your friends and family. Gold Coast theatres that feature youth programs include Spotlight Theatrical Company, National Academy of Performing Arts (NAPA) and Technicolour Theatre Company. With a little research you will find the perfect theatre for you.


I am out of school but still wanting to seek training before auditioning for a show.

Finding extra training as an adult is admittedly a little harder than when you are in school. If you’re looking for accredited training, Diplomas in Musical Theatre can be obtained at companies such as Australian Dance Performance Industry (ADPI), Harvest Rain Theatrical Company and Brisbane Academy of Musical Theatre.


I would like to audition for a show but I’m not sure where to look for auditions.

Finding an audition is a lot easier than you think. Over at the Gold Coast Theatre Alliance website they have a list of auditions published by their participating theatre companies. Companies also use social media to post about audition and even directing opportunities, so it is important to keep up to date with your favourite theatres on Facebook and Instagram.


Am I too old to start Musical Theatre?

Absolutely not! The joy of theatre is that there are roles for all everyone. Ensembles and lead roles alike are often looking for more mature actors and actresses so go out there and give it a go!


I would still like to get involved but am too nervous to get on stage.

You don’t have to be onstage to be apart of the theatre community here on the Gold Coast. Plenty of theatres are looking for volunteers in many areas including Set construction, Costume construction, Lighting operation, Sound operation, Stage hands and so much more!


Scientific studies show that people who participate in live theatre display greater signs of self-confidence, empathy and trust. So what are you waiting for? Now that you are a little more educated, go out and explore all that the Gold Coast Theatre scene has to offer. Whether it be behind the scenes, in the audience or centre stage, the theatre is calling you!

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